Relevant Passive House websites in the Slovak Republic

  • iEPD
    The Slovak passiv house Institute (iEPD) is a non-governmental organisation. Its objective is the multilateral support of passive energy housing, but also of architecture that is versatilely considerate to the environment, and of the sustainable approach in the creation of the environment. It associates physical and juristic persons.

    Main objectives of the iEPD and the ways of their fulfillment

    - the promotion of passive house standard and the support of public education in the field of sustainable architecture,
    - gathering and providing information sources,
    - providing consulting services,
    - the evaluation of the designed or built projects,
    - monitoring of the built projects, publishing exemplary solutions,
    - the supervision of the application of the PH terminology in order to prevent its abuse and incorrect understanding,
    - the support of the usage of environmentally friendly building materials and technologies,
    - the support of the usage of renewable energy resources during the time of building operation.


  • ECB
    Energy Centre Bratislava - Slovakia (ECB) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit information and consulting organisation. The mission of the Energy Centre Bratislava is to promote the rational use of energy and the utilisation of renewable energy sources.

    The mission of the Energy Centre Bratislava is to promote the rational use of energy and the utilisation of renewable sources of energy. This mission is carried out by the following:

    - data collection and elaboration of energy information
    - direct advising and consulting services to industry, SMEs and private householders,
    - organisation of seminars, training courses, workshops, trade fairs and conferences,
    - transfer of innovative energy technologies and support in implementation,
    - participation in national and international RTD projects concerning energy efficiency,
    - promotion and dissemination of new energy technologies by publications, brochures and leaflets,
    - preparation of information for the media.


  • Fa STU - Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
    > Institute of Ecological and Experimental Architecture
    The Institute comprises a variety of sciences dealing with the environment quality. They deal with the environment defined by the geographical conditions, culture, history, etc. The complexity of environment and its manifold understanding have been a part of research and educational application. The Institute develops into a creative activity that is based on the environment protection and cultural heritage perspective.