Relevant Passive House websites in Slovenia

  • AURE
    Agency for effective use and renewed sources of energy, which is managed under European Affairs and Investments Directorate – Slovenia covers co-financing in frame of budgetary implements trough public tenders, encourages efficient use of energy and utilization of renewable source of energy with financial support for investments, utilization of renewable source of energy with co-financing investment projects and financial support for investments in utilization of renewable source of energy.
  • Eco Fund
    Slovenian Environmental Public Fund, which assigns in the name of Slovenia non-repayable financial support for individuals in community for use of renewable source and efficient use of energy in dwelling buildings on territory of Slovenia.
  • Building and Civil Engineering Institute
    Building and Civil Engineering Institute is an independent and impartial institution. They offer comprehensive solutions to their complex non-standard issues relating to development, technical consulting, project design, and assuring top-quality construction material and quality implementation of work. Amongst different Centres, they have Centre for Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy and Building Centre also.
  • Cluster Energy Optimized Construction
    Cluster Energy Optimized Construction is coordinated by the Maribor Development Agency. Cluster is providing following services to SMEs in the field of low-energy and passive houses: information and communication, training and qualification, co-operations, marketing and PR, internationalisation.
  • University of Ljubljana/Faculty of architecture - Passive house consortium
    Passive house consortium operates under the auspices of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana. This informal grouping facilitates and promotes the construction of passive and low-energy houses.
  • Instalater
    Instalater is the professional magazine in the field of heating, plumbing, ventilation and construction in Slovenia.