Relevant Passive House websites in Croatia

  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture
    Faculty of Architecture is a higher education institution in the University of Zagreb, which is organizing and performing university studies, scientific research, high professional and artistic work in the field of architecture and urbanism. Faculty of Architecture organises national conferences about Passive House technology and is PASS-NET partner in Croatia.

  • pasivnakuć
    Web site with information, news, forum and documents about Passive House.

  • Found for Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency
    Found for Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency which is established to finance the preparation, implementation and development programs, projects and related activities in the field of conservation, sustainable use, protection and improvement of environment and in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    Portal has emerged as a product of idea, to connect all the participants in construction activities in one place, where they could communicate with each other better and exchange ideas and experiences and present their products and services.

  • Korak u prostor
    Croatian portal for floor coverings, ambience and exterior decorationwith the serial about Passive House.

  • UNDP
    UNDP is present in Croatia since 1996. They work to promote sustainable social development and safety and equal opportunities in accordance with European and international norms, principles and obligations that Croatia has accepted. Encouraging energy efficiency in Croatia Project aims to raise public awareness about efficient energy consumption and encourage the application of economically viable and energy efficient (EE) technologies, materials and services in.

  • DOOR
    DOOR (abbreviation for the Croatian translation of Society for Sustainable Development Design) is a Croatian non-governmental non-profit organization, founded by a multidisciplinary group of experts - engineers, environmentalists, economists, sociologists and others - all dedicated to sustainable development. DOOR's mission is to promote sustainability in the society as a whole - especially in the field of energy, facilitate dialogue and joint problem solving among its key stakeholders, and offer solutions for a smart and responsible development.