Relevant Passive House websites in Austria

  • Building of Tomorrow (Haus der Zukunft) – a research and technology programme
    Building of Tomorrow is an research, technology and development programme from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT for short). Starting from the low-energy solar building approach and the concept of the passive building, and incorporating ways of using environmentally friendly and renewable materials in construction, new designs with great promise for the future have been developed and implemented. Research and development work has provided a firm basis for innovative, sustainable concepts both for new buildings and for renovating existing ones.
    The brochure “10 years of the program Building of Tomorrow” gives a good overview of highlights of the research programme.

  • IG Passivhaus – Interessensgemeinschaft Passivhaus Österreich (IG Passive House Austria, website in german only)
    The IG Passivhaus is the umbrella organisation of seven regional NGOs that promote the passive house standard in Austria, which include more than 250 member organisation of the building sector. They also keep a detailed database of Austrian passive houses, are coordinating the International Passive House Days in Austria and are partner in the IEE project PASS-NET
  • Energieinstitut Vorarlberg - EIV (Institue for Energy Issues of Vorarlberg, website partly available in englisch)
    The EIV holds regular events and lectures on the subject passive houses, organises excursions to passive houses and publishes information materials. It is partner in the IEE project CEPH and holding CEPH training courses and is partner in the Austrian CEPHEUS project
  • Passivhauskampagne (Campaign for Passive Houses, website in German only)
    The website “Passivhauskampagne” is managed by the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg and aims to promoting the passive house standard, outlining the advantages and overcoming prejudice by providing up to date information.
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik - ÖGUT (Austrian Society for Environment and Technology)
    ÖGUT is an NGO to support and spread environmental friendly solutions together with their members from the sectors environmental protection, business and administration. ÖGUT manages governmental support programs for energy efficient buildings as “building of tomorrow plus” or “klima aktiv”. Further ÖGUT is organising excursions and information events about passive house standard and is coordinating the IEE project PASS-NET.
  • Die Umweltberatung Österreich (Environmental Advisory Service Austria, website in German only)
    The Umweltberatung is the umbrella association of six Austrian regional information centres that provide energy counselling, hold training seminar for certified energy counsellor and are organising information events and publishing information materials concerning passive house technologies.
  • LEV - LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark (Styrian Energy Agency, website in German only)
    English factsheet
    LEV is mainly operating in the region Styria and is holding training courses in the field of energy efficiency of buildings, including special moduls for passive house technologies. LEV is energy counselling private and public building owner and active in consciousness rising.
  • Donauuni Krems (Danube University Krems)
    The Donauuni Krems is a post graduate University that provides courses in the field of energy-efficient architecture, including passive house technologies for different target groups. The language of the courses is English. Danube University Krems created a comprehensive set of training materials (by ppt-slides and by background information)
  • Bau Energie Umwelt Cluster Niederösterreich - BEUC (Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria)
    The BEUC is a materials-independent economic hub for all areas of sustainable construction and living and is acting mainly in the region Lower Austria. The Cluster has a strong focus in information activities regarding passive house technology. The team is composed of architects, energy experts as well as professionals from the construction and interior furnishings industries. The Cluster represents member organisations from the building sector in Lower Austria.
  • Sonnenplatz Großschönau
    Sonnenplatz Großschönau is the company behind an Austrian passive house village that provides “test living” in passive houses. They also host a Centre of Excellence in Construction and Energy of the Future.
  • Energie Tirol (Tyrolian Energy Agency, website in german only)
    The Energie Tirol provides advisory service for households, enterprises and municipalities, also having a strong focus on energy efficiency buildings as passive houses. They are also project partner of the e5 – program for energy efficient communities.
  • IBO Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und Bauökologie (Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building)
    Being a competence centre for ecological construction the IBO evaluates materials in concerning health and environmental issues. The IBO is also the home of the green academy that provides courses for ecological construction. IBO created a publication about passive house components including an ecological evaluation in print version and as online version (in German language only)
  • AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology
    The AIT is a research institute with a strong focus on energy issues in buildings. AIT was a leading partner in developing the first Austrian large scale passive house office building "ENERGYbase".
  • OÖ ESV – Oberösterreichischer Energiesparverband (Upper Austrian Association for Energy Saving Meassures)
    Besides providing advisory service and staging courses concerning the sustainable use of energy, the ESV manages the annual World Sustainable Energy Days which is a conference dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energies. OÖ ESV provides energy counselling for passive house standard and publishes information materials regarding passive house technologies.