Establishment of a Co-operation Network of Passive House Promoters (PASS-NET)

The target of the project PASS-NET is to spread the knowledge about Passive House standard within Europe. This will rapidly increase the share of Passive House buildings within new buildings and the reconstruction of existing buildings. To reach that target, within the project a network of European expert organisations - PASS-NET - has been established. Participating project partners are coming from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Sweden.

Within the project a European wide Passive House database showing best practice buildings will be built up. To provide a good overview for stakeholders about the framework for Passive House projects, the legal situation, support programmes etc. will be described for each country. The International Passive House Days shall be extended to all participating countries by gaining the experiences in those countries, where Passive House standard has a longer tradition. To facilitate the awareness building and information about Passive House technology (including construction estimating software), a common basic training programme is being developed and translated into each national language.